Jim Spendlove is an artist/illustrator based in Newcastle Upon Tyne in the UK. His unique style combines detailed line work with grainy overlays and classically features landscapes with a dreamy and relaxed feeling. Jim has been working as an illustrator for 5 years, prior to which he completed his fine art degree at Sheffield Hallam University.
Beatrice Dale is a PhD student studying on a Doctoral Training Partnership at Northumbria University in Newcastle Upon Tyne in the UK. Beatrice is an urban ecologist with a particular interest in insect pollinators and pollination services. Her research focuses on understanding how biodiversity and ecosystem services are affected by the urban landscape. Beatrice’s previous research has focused on urban pollination services in sub-Saharan Africa, and urban pollinator communities in the South-East of England. Prior to this Beatrice completed her Master’s degree in Global Biodiversity Conservation at the University of Sussex.
This project uses and builds on the amazing work by Hornby et al. 2021, who created this colour determination method.
A big thank you to Barbara Keating for allowing us to sample from her beehives and for all her support of Beatrice’s research project. Beatrice’s work is funded by NERC, ONEPlanet, and the BBKA and is supported by her supervisors at Northumbria University and Newcastle University, Dr Katherine Baldock, Dr Matthew Pound, Prof Darren Evans, Dr Mark Goddard, Dr Rinke Vinkenoog. 
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